ERP/CRM for Educational Consultancy in Kerala

Software for educational consultancy ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)/educational software a software specially crafted to keep the track of various departments of educational consultancies, student visa agencies, overseas education consultants etc as a database. With the expansion of business, ERP will become an essential software tool for your institution or organisation. It can keep information about finance, accounts, procurement, inventory, payments, delivery, payroll, HR, and the list is endless. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software also has become inevitable in an organisation today. An intelligent CRM Software such as education management software, campus management software, school management software etc manages information about the students/staffs/parents/authorities and helps to build better relations with them. If it is an educational consultancies or agency's software, it assists the marketing department in collecting more information about the potential customers and understanding their needs. A healthy customer relationship always boosts business development. Our ERP/CRM module is easy to use software to manage your organisation.

School/College Management Software Development

This project is formulated in such a way that it becomes the management system of your educational institution. It promotes your institution from its daily operations and develops it to an ultimate level. Our team of software developers have worked hard to create the software/web and it provides all the details of your organisation or institution to the visitors. We are proud to bring before you an ideal software development project and high impact service that can be used in huge companies like education consultancies, placement agencies, real estate/construction companies, exporting companies, shopping centres, educational institutes etc. Companies inside and outside Kochi, Kerala can also comfortably use this software product for the communicational purpose. Maintenance and updations regarding this software can be done easily from our office in Kochi, Kerala.

University Management

We are one of the leading education or ERP software companies in Cochin, Kerala. We are providing universities/student information management software with ERP and CRM technology to improve work management in universities, colleges, and educational institutions in Kerala reach an enterprise-level. Software with ERP technology will act as a platform for updating work in a university, minimise the workload of staffs, improve productivity, manage student research works & assignment, hostel management, real-time data access and academically related tasks to reduce the overall time consumed. Software with CRM technology offers universities the services to create and maintain a good bond with their students which are an important and essential task for schools and universities.

Course Management

Learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, marketing, tracking, reporting, online booking & finance, resource management and delivery of electronic education. It deals with the functionality required for a business like learning services, training business or training department

Enquiry Management

Searching the current vacancies are considered as the secondary function after resume optimising. With intuitive data entry and fast accurate searches or managing new leads for the business generation, the Enquiry Management System manages enquiries regarding departmental services with ease.

Library Management

It manages the different pieces of information of the library books which includes all the details based on browsing books alphabetically or specifically using author name and username. Library Management Software is capable of managing all the functionalities of a library. It is suitable for small to big libraries viz, Large Universities, Engineering/MBA Colleges.

Admission Management

Student Enrollment Management System & Student Admission Management Software(Student management system software) help the institution to manage the admissions of the newly admitted students easily by recording student’s basic & family information, academic details, transfer certificate etc. It covers admission management features like registration entry, admission, automatic transfer of information about the student etc.

Visa Management

This state-of-the-art software is aimed at providing technology solutions to facilitate the automation of Visa Processing. Visa Management System Provides software for all parties that are related to the VISA process of any country to automate their visa processes.

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