Meet Our Team & Ceo - Jilo Jose

It conslutant in Kerala

Jilo Jose - Our Ceo, started his career when Internet and websites just bloomed in India. His skills in web development and website designing resulted in many well known websites in Kerala. Using multiple programming languages like Php, and Java, Jilo Jose developed sophisticated websites. He followed advanced features and new trends in web programming and software development. Having Master’s degree in Computer Applications enhanced his mode of website development. He is also an IT consultant provide analysis, advice and solutions for firm that need to develop or improve software systems. He also provide training for employes in IT firm.He provides an expert solution and consultancy services in it, real estate, ERP/CRM, matrimonial and job portal. He provides strategic guidance to develop IT infrastructures and allow enhancements to IT. He works with clients to analyze IT system requirements needs. He also provides business consultancy services by analysis of the existing practices of a company and makes recommendations for improvements. He also provides seminar and project guidance for students.

In 1997, Jilo Jose founded company called Nestssoft, which is one of the former web programming companies in Kerala. He was project member in former websites in Kerala like and, which is the website for Association of Malayalam Movie Actors. Gradually he had been into many web developing projects in India like Banking projects and web applications like cji and pearl. Jilo Jose carried out projects in Java at that time and his websites like and had much features than famous websites like and Not only from India, but also from foreign countries like USA, Dubai and Australia, he got web programming and designing projects using different programming languages like Java, PHP, Now, in Netsoft, Jilo Jose takes care of multiple web programming projects and he provides training in Java, PHP, and Android. Also, Jilo Jose found success in recruitment, career guidance, placement associated with software companies.

Maintaining position in search engines is as important as quality of web programming. Jilo Jose knows it very well. Thus, he researched about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and implemented into his websites. SEO has been improved a lot nowadays and he followed all new trends and features in social marketing, digital promotions, content writing and web marketing. Also, he provides training in SEO tactics from Nestsoft. Now, it’s the era of social marketing and digital marketing. We know that, many more Internet techniques and features are yet to come. But if we are well known with basics, we should not be afraid of the changes.

At present, he owns well known websites like,,,,, and


This a online job portal that provides job seekers and recruiters to connect. This web application allows job seekers to create their profile, upload their resume, search for job openings, apply for various jobs, know about different job openings. This web application provides the ability for employers to create their accounts and post their job openings. Job vacancy are categorised based on location, experience, qualification, field etc.


Appsonstore serves as mobile app distribution service. This application allows the user to browse and download different apps. This app contains apps on social media, games, news, magazines, sport, medical, shopping, lifestyle etc. This app is supported in all the mobiles irrespective of their operating system.


You may be wondering about how to share or review the most liked post from Facebook, Whatsapp, and Email later. Here he comes with the solution i.e. mallushare .com. act as dropbox to save and later retrieve the most liked post from Facebook, Whatsapp, and Email. is a real estate portal provides the information about all property that are available for rent, lease & sales in Kerala. Property are categorised district-wise. act as broker for all sales in kerala. Any user can post free ad of their property.

Keralaeverything is an online web portal for providing all services in Kerala. It provides services like tour packages, hotel bookings, car/bus, air ticketing / visa, medical tourism, Ayurveda, education, matrimony, shopping, cinema, real estate, jobs etc. also provides news and latest updates in this field.