Software for Placement/Recruitment (Online) in Kerala

Recruitment is a dedicated service of assigning the right candidates to the specific clients. Software for Placement/Recruitment/Human Resource Management For that,the recruitment group should have an awareness regarding the potential of candidates and determine if he/she can meet the needs of the company.Also the recruitment department must provide the best service to both the client and candidate.The online recruitment site with different user login and bulk SMS service turns us a unique one.These assignments can be done easily through our placement companion software. We are proud to introduce this unique placement software along with a website. This package is exclusively for placement agencies. It coordinates all the areas of placement such as resume posting, job posting, resume shortlisting, interview scheduling, payment management, branch coordination etc.

Optimizing Resumes

One of the first meaningful decision points of a recruitment effort is the evaluation of skills, knowledge and abilities by screening the resumes. Thousands of resumes on the basis of qualification and professionally skilled areas can be stored in our database. Filtering out these qualified resumes from the data bank effortlessly for the right jobs.

Hiring The Clients

The client company details regarding contact ids,salary payments can be easily keep in touch with the use of our database.So that required updations, current vacancy details,job openings can be manage without any time wastage.

Quick Job search

Searching the current vacancies are considered as the secondary function after resume optimising.With intuitive data entry and fast accurate searches, it's sure to help you finding the right candidate for that open position.

Interview Scheduling

Fixing interviews on convenient timings of client and candidate must be properly under the control of recruiting agency.Scheduling interviews and feedback of the same can be regularly updated by our software suite.

Bulk SMS Service

Even though the job seekers can be informed through telephones,bulk SMS service is an easiest way of technology for reaching the right candidate from a hatful of them.


Real-time analytics for insights into your recruiting efforts.Detailed interview reports,payment reports can be exported for the effective use of manpower.

  • SMS / EMail Alerts
  • Quick Resume Posting
  • Quick Job Posting
  • Search Resumes by Any Criteria
  • Search Jobs by Any Criteria
  • Interview Status Management
  • Any Device / Browser / Location
  • Unlimited Branch Management
  • Helps your business promotion
  • Jobsite Integration
  • This online database software is designed to offer an organised mechanism for storing, managing and retrieving placement information of a placement company. This unique software allows you to send bulk SMS text messages to the selected job seekers and job providers absolutely free of cost. It also provides facility to send bulk emails to a large number of people by the way of job alerts, newsletters and campaigns. Create any number of email list and send email as quick and easy as a mouse click. All of your email lists and messages are stored safely and securely in this software for your complete peace of mind. This software makes it easy to organize and create and keep resumes and contact information within seconds. The resume database is really easy to follow and navigate. The PDF, DOC, or JPEG resume files can be easily uploaded in the software. You can post your jobs listings and it can be linked to the resume database allowing matching resumes to the jobs posted. The resume and job database can be easily integrated into a job site if you are having one. It provides a simple and effortless method of resume search and job search. Make quick search of suitable resumes or jobs by selecting any criteria.

    This software helps you to schedule interviews for candidates quite easily. You can monitor the interview status of candidates whether they are shortlisted, selected, appointed etc. It records the interview details so that follow up with the companies and candidates can be done very easily.This software facilitates you to access the database through any device, whether you are having a mobile, tablet, laptop or personal computer at anytime from anywhere. This software module allows you to effectively control all the placement operations over a multi-branch structure. It coordinates all the placement activities of all your branches.It is essential to coordinate all the activities of a placement company, in order to ensure smooth functioning of all the processes. This is an ideal software solution which integrates for all your placement activities for a smooth functioning.
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