Real Estate Website/Portal/Software Development in Kerala

Nowadays most of the enquiry of properties are done through by online and mobile apps. People around the world can buy, lease, sale, and rent their properties by using these websites. real estate website portalSo online websites are becoming an important factor. If you are a real estate dealer it is the time expose your self in online websites. We have compiled a list of sites that represent the best of what’s new in real estate website design and we grabbed viewers, we have helped real estate dealers to increase their website traffic, capture contact information from visitors, improve relationships with their customers, and more to became successful in it. Our design makes them worth look. The functions of real estate websites as follows:

Real Estate Software/Portal Features

  • Responsive Website
  • User friendly
  • High Speed and Security
  • Compatible with any Screen Resolution
  • View in any Browser
  • Unlimited Branch Access
add property

Add property

you will be getting the informations like overview,photos,amenities, locations, advertisement, agent information, language of the house etc.

search property

Search Properties

You can search your property by different categories such as land, flat, apartment.And Can contact them directly by phone , websites, or by SMS.

control panel

Member control panel

You can manage the property by using control panel.In that landholders can search, edit, delete, understands different views, response, enquiry management


Property details

Here the detailed description of the property is given.It will include the details like Property type, plot size,square feet,house size,city,zip code etc

credit card

Payment gateway

You can ensure the payment by using a credit card.Also we can choose online payment methods like PayPal. Our payment gateway offers international and multi-currency payments or an interface with multiple languages.



Owner can control all properties, whether it is genuine or not. Payment is given for property and advertisement.